Days 58, 59 and 60 – Lots more data

I’ve not picked up the microphone at all over the last few days and am really having a good time working the data modes, almost exclusively JT65.  I explained how JT65 works in my last blog post and I’m getting more interested by the mode every time I read about it and operate using it.

Because I’ve worked quite a few stations using JT65, it’s probably easier just to provide a list of bands and callsigns.

The following contacts were all on day #58
40m: K0PT

I also had two QSOs using PSK31 with HA1BF, Feri in Hungary and RA4HDT, Alex in Russia.

I was less active on day #59 as it was a work day and so I only had three QSOs with GI4SRQ on 80m and then I worked N1GKE on 40m followed by 3A2LF in Monaco, another new DXCC for me.

To round up this update I knew I was going to be late home on day #60 so I fired the wireless up before I left for work and had QSOs with F5RRS, EI1DG and F4EFL on 80m and once I was home I managed contacts with RV6HFA also on 80m and then completed the evening by having QSOs with 9A8W and NZ4O on 40m.

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  1. Bas PE4BAS says:

    JT65(HF) is a great mode for DX and it works well even if you got a small antenna or a wire antenna and power between 1-50W. Lately there is quite some activity from VK in the evenings on 40m. Worked VK3AMA yesterday with 30W in a horizontal loop antenna on 40 with JT65.

  2. g6nhu says:

    I didn’t get home until late last night, Bas and I put the radio on 40m JT65 to hear two VKs working other stations. I did try calling one as he finished the QSO but conditions were changing and they’d both faded away to nothing. I guess that was around 20:30z.

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