Days 67, 68 and 69 – Another new DXCC

Day #67 was another one of the early start, late finish days.  Before heading out to work I had a QSO with WB1ABQ in Vermont on 40m and then just before midnight I had QSOs with CT2KCG and K1LPS, also both on 40m.

Day #68 started early with me working YY6IEA in Venezuela on 40m JT65 for a new DXCC and in the evening I had QSOs with S57YX in Slovenia, DF7XH in Germany and 3A2MW in Monco, all on 40m.

On day #69 I worked IZ8LJR, Marco on 40m and then switched to 80m and had a QSO with G3XVR, I stayed on 80m and worked 9A8W in Croatia then finished off the evening by having QSOs with IS0BZR in Sardinia and AA8Q in Ohio on 40m.

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