Learning to code in Python – Hello Raspberry Pi!

After my posts about building an APRS RX iGate, I entered into email discussion with Alan, K2RHK who pointed me towards his website specifically to see his experiments in APRS.  While looking through his site, I noticed he’d recommended a book for those looking to learn how to program a Raspberry Pi.  I mentioned that this was something I’d just started doing and Alan contacted a friend of his, Marjan Bace at Manning Publications who very kindly posted me a copy of the book we were talking about called ‘Hello Raspberry Pi!‘.

I’ve only just started learning to program in Python but this looks like a fun and interesting book to get me going.  I’ve already sussed out some Python simply by examining existing code and tweaking it to do what I want but it’s good to get a proper guide to start me off with the basics.

Thanks Alan and Marjan!

Hello Raspberry Pi! by Ryan Heitz from Manning Publications

Hello Raspberry Pi! by Ryan Heitz from Manning Publications

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