The best piece of advice for new radio amateurs

I saw this posted on a forum somewhere recently and it struck me as being the best piece of advice for newly licenced radio amateurs that I’ve ever seen.

It’s quite straightforward:

“Don’t get offended if someone corrects you”

In the UK, it’s possible to go from having zero knowledge to getting your Foundation licence with one or two days study and during that study period, you simply don’t get exposed to real-world operating processes and procedures. This is especially true now that the practical side has been removed due to Covid-19.

Going back in time, it was common to get an interest in radio, spend time listening, hear and subconsciously learn how to operate while you you were studying for the licence exam.

Without that period, it’s quite possible that the first time you make a contact is the first time that you’ve even listened on the amateur bands.

So if someone offers you some advice, they’re not trying to be nasty, they’re not trying to be horrible, they’re not trying to get one up on you. They’re trying to help.

If you’re one of the many new licensees who has recently joined the growing throng of radio hams, enjoy yourself, make lots of contacts and learn are stuff. It’s a great hobby and there are many people out there who are very happy to help and advise you. Please don’t take that advice the wrong way, don’t get offended.

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