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Running my own DX Cluster again

A few years ago I set up a DXCluster using AR-Cluster on my old Mac Mini with Windows XP installed.  It ran for a long time, I had good connections into the network and although it was listed on the … Continue reading

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An unexpected QRP entry into the DMC RTTY 2018 contest

I keep a regular eye on the contest calendars as although I don’t have a lot of time for serious entries, it’s nice to be able to give away a few points.  For example – I worked around one hundred … Continue reading

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Statistics for the second quarter of 2018

Although this blog hasn’t been very active over the last few months, I’m still operating the radio regularly.  The warmer weather has appeared in the UK and I’m spending a lot of time outside walking, riding my bike, eating ice-cream … Continue reading

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The return of GR6NHU

Last weekend saw the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle which wasn’t an event I was particularly interested in but all UK radio amateurs were given the opportunity to use a special prefix to celebrate.  The last time … Continue reading

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Updated guide to setting up an APRS RX only iGate using a Raspberry Pi, RTL-SDR dongle and a pre-built image

** image has been updated as of 21/04/2018 to resolve the problems some people had booting their Pi ** This post is an updated version of the original article I wrote in February 2017.  It’s using Raspbian Stretch rather than … Continue reading

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Statistics for the first quarter of 2018

I’ve had a good first quarter of 2018, partly helped because I dropped the legs of my OCFD towards the end of last year, cable tied my smartuner to the bottom of the mast and put up an inverted L … Continue reading

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When is an “All Time New One” not an all time new one?

Earlier this month I heard 5A1AL calling CQ on 17m and managed to work him fairly quickly.  My log showed him as an “All Time New One” (ATNO). When I looked at his qrz page, he mentioned that he uses … Continue reading

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