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Returning to data modes after an enforced break

Home brew interface for data modes using two audio isolation transformers

My shack computer is an Apple iMac.  For a few years, I’ve operated a lot of data modes and been very successful in data contests.  I’ve always enjoyed data modes and in 2012 I operated GO6NHU to celebrate the London 2012 Olympics exclusively using data. Back in 2015, Apple released a new operating system called El Capitan and […]

Days 234, 235 and 236

It’s holiday time now so I’m spending a little more time on the wireless.  Of course, because it’s holiday means that I’m out and about doing stuff during the day and taking time late at night when I’d normally be in bed to play radio. I’ve had an update from John at Aerial-Parts of Colchester to […]

Days 228, 229 and 230 – One more new DXCC and plenty of JT65

My last QSO on day #227 was a new DXCC so it was a nice surprise for my only contact on day #228 to be another new one – I worked Eduardo, CO8LY in Cuba on 17m PSK31. I had a lot more contacts on day #229 though, I started off by talking to IV3SUS, […]

Days 216, 217 and 218 – The “European HF Championship”

I had one contact on day #216, I spoke to I2BEO, Julio on 40m. I doubled that on day #217 when I had two QSOs, firstly I spoke to ER1SS, Vlad on 6m and then I had a quick word with Braco, E77DX on 10m. Day #218 saw a few more QSOs though.  I started […]