That’s pretty much it for 2010

I don’t expect to be doing any serious radio for the next few days.  Yesterday evening was the last of the RSGB UKAC Contests that the Martello Tower Group are taking part in this year and unexpectedly today I was able to give away a few points in the last of the Christmas Cumulatives on 144MHz.  I was supposed to be back to work today but I suffered from a bad stomach upset overnight which left me not wanting to stray too far from the toilet!

We had a fairly good night on 50MHz last night in the contest.  It started off really slowly and I think the first five or six QSOs were all to stations in IO91 square so I jokingly suggested we should get an award for ‘worked all IO91’ but things improved and although it wasn’t a great evening with just 25 QSOs in 9 squares, it turned out that it wasn’t one of our four worst nights of the year on 50MHz so it was worth doing.

If I don’t blog before the end of the year, Happy New Year to everyone.

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