It’s been mentioned to me that I often use the word ‘wireless’ instead of ‘radio’.  It’s not something I do consciously, I’ve always considered the words totally interchangeable and I suppose I just like the word.  I’ve been doing it since before such things as wireless networks became commonplace and for me it’s just natural.  I do get funny looks sometimes though from people who are IT minded because they initially assume I’m talking about wireless networking.  Of course, if I say that I’m off to listen to the Archers on the wireless then it’s obvious what I mean (and yes, I do listen to the Archers every day).

I don’t know if it makes me old fashioned or just traditional.  I don’t have shelves full of vintage wireless sets and I never called a ‘record player’ a ‘gramophone’.  I just like the word ‘wireless’ and will continue to use it in my everyday speech.  You may find that if you continue to read this blog that subconsciously you’ll start to use it more often as well!

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