Days 52, 53 and 54

A fairly quiet three days because my kids are away and so it’s just the wife and me at home.

On day #52 I first worked OZ3FD, Henry on 80m when I was running just 10 watts and then I had a chat with Jim, MM0SMD in the fantastically named “Dufftown”, Scotland.

I did a similar thing on day #53 where my first QSO was running low power – I worked Tom, DF2BO early in the morning on 80m followed by a chat with Yuri, RT5A on 40m in the evening.

Day #54 saw three contacts, firstly a special event station for Antarctica Week, IP2ANT on 80m and then I had a chat with someone I’ve already worked this year, S51CK, Ivo in Slovenia before ending the day talking to Andy, DP7T operating a club station near Dortmund.

Next time – PSK31!

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