What’s this?

I collected my old component rack from my mum’s loft a couple of weeks ago and in one of the drawers I found two pieces of breadboard with the same thing built on each of them.  I built these when I was in my early teens and that’s quite obvious from the quality of the soldering.  The amazing thing was that they worked and actually worked quite well.

Here’s a picture of the two dusty boards.

What is it?

I think there are 2 x BC107s and a BC108 in there but it’s quite difficult to tell.

Would anyone (except my brother) care to take a guess as to what this board is?


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  1. I have a feeling I still have the circuit floating around somewhere. Didn’t you use a heated-up screwdriver as a soddering iron?

    1. If you’ve still got the circuit, I’d like a copy.

      I had a few suggestions via Twitter about this one, it’s actually a VHF FM transmitter with a very limited range.

      1. Once it surfaces, you’re welcome. I think I still have the one I made.

        Go on, what were the suggestions? Spill please!

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