Days 115, 116 and 117 – QRSS grabbing on 40m

I started off day #115 by working Roger, ON7TQ on 40m.  He had a huge pileup going and was spending a couple of minutes talking to each person so it took a while to work him but it was a nice QSO once I did.

Conditions seemed so nice on 40m that I decided to put my occasional QRSS grabber on there for the day and it just seemed to get busier and busier which I guess is down to the time of the year.

I stitched together some grabs from a couple of hours in the afternoon and this is the result.

Late afternoon at G6NHU's occasional QRSS grabber on 40m

Late afternoon at G6NHU’s occasional QRSS grabber on 40m

In the evening I worked VA3WLD, John on 20m JT65.

I didn’t do too much on day #116, I worked just two stations both on 20m – HA2RD, Andras and N9GUE, Fred in Illinois.

On day #117, once I’d fixed the internet and spent some time building my 80m QRSS transmitter that I blogged about yesterday I switched the wireless on and worked a couple of stations on 15m, K2HU and WA9MNF, Paul and Ed respectively.  In the evening I had a quick QSO with Alex, UA3ARC on 40m before switching over to 20m and working PA3FOE, Cor, YV6BFE, Jose, N4AOL, Carl and KA9SWE, Dale.

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