Days 91, 92 and 93 – Rotating PostCodes (RoPoCo)

There were just two QSOs on day #91, the first was on 18MHz (17m) which is a band I feel I should use more with Tony, IT9PQO in Sicily and then I worked EA2DCF on 40m JT65.

Day #92 saw contacts on 28MHz with Norman, 5B4AIF in Cyprus and RN4AZ, Peter in Russia followed by UX3MD, Alex and W2BT, William on 20m and UX3MD, Alex on 15m.

On day #93 the bands seemed generally quite poor and I struggled to work Victor, UA3FCV and John, KD1UA on 20m.  In the evening was the inaugural 80m RoPoCo (rotating postcodes) contest.  This contest has been running for many years on CW and this was the first time it’s happened on SSB.

The premise is simple.  On your first QSO, you send your postcode and receive a postcode back.  On the next QSO you send the postcode you received on the previous contact and so on.

It can get terribly confusing and some postcodes are bound to be misheard.  A couple I received which were clearly wrong were SG19 TQB and CF82 SDB.  I also received the same code twice in very quick succession which probably means that someone had given the wrong one out at some point to introduce the same postcode into the mix.  I never received my own code back which was a shame.

I remember the Harlow club operating in the RoPoCo contest many years ago on CW and I always thought that the concept would transfer well to SSB and I think it did, I certainly enjoyed myself.

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