Month: May 2011

GB4MTG was a disaster so it’s rescheduled for 31st May

On Saturday morning at 09:00, myself, M1EAK (Colin) and G0MBA (Tony) met at the Martello Tower to activate it as part of the Castles and Stately Homes on the Air weekend.  I’d managed to organise the special event callsign at short notice and we were all really looking forward to a lot of QSOs throughout […]

Days 145, 146 and 147 – A different radio in the shack

I had four contacts on day #145, I started off on 20m working HB9TWG, Beat and then had a QSO with Tony, S54E on 15m.  After that I moved to 40m and worked MX0NCC, Chris and GB8C, Gary.  Both of these were operating under the Castles and Stately Homes on the Air umbrella and Chris persuaded me […]

GB4MTG – QRV tomorrow from the Martello Tower

Just a quick post – Members of the Martello Tower Group will be operating GB4MTG as part of the Castles and Stately Homes On The Air (CASHOTA) weekend tomorrow Saturday 28th May from the roof of the Martello Tower in Point Clear, Essex. Please look at our page for more details by clicking here.

Days 142, 143 and 144 – RTTY

Day #142 was quite a disappointment after the previous day.  I’d planned to be up early and spend six hours operating on VHF in the same contest we worked the day before from the Martello Tower.  I was up in plenty of time but once I started operating, it became very obvious very quickly that […]

Now it’s time to run QRSS on 80m

Having had lots of fun running QRSS on both 30m and 40m I decided to try another band so a few weeks ago I ordered the 80m QRSS kit from QRP Labs and it was almost completely assembled within an hour of me receiving it – I documented that in the blog post here.  It […]

Days 139, 140 and 141 – Fun on the Martello Tower

Day #139 was very nearly my downfall due to an unforeseen circumstance.  I got home from work, had my tea and headed off to the Colchester Radio club with my lad to see a practical demonstration of the CW leg of the 80m CC contest.  All was going well until I had a ‘phone call from a […]

Days 136, 137 and 138 – 40m ragchews

I’ve had three days where the majority of my operating has been on 40m SSB and almost all the QSOs I’ve had have been good proper chats.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the quick fire operating style where one just works station after station in quick succession but it’s always nice to slow things […]

Designing a QSL card for the Royal Wedding callsign

Blank page. *sigh* That’s as far as I’ve got, I’m not creative.  I’ve got no idea. Help!

Days 133, 134 and 135 – I’ve got a new logbook

I had three QSOs on day #133, I worked KA1ERL, Russell in Rhode Island on 20m JT65 and then switched to SSB and spoke to IR0LJ, Emilio.  Later I changed to 40m where I had a nice long chat with Steve, M1ACB in Ipswich.  Steve is a member of Camb-Hams and we had a talk […]

QRSS – G0PKT is back

Earlier this week I noticed that G0PKT was missing when I ran my occasional QRSS grabber on 30m so I asked around the QRSS community and it turned out that it hadn’t been heard for a few days. I contacted Tony, G0MBA who checked and found that the power supply which the transmitter was running […]