Month: January 2012

Cushcraft MA5B is broken – and repaired

Last weekend was the Hungarian DX contest and I decided a few days prior that I was going to enter it.  I planned on a single band entry which would allow me to spend a few hours on the Saturday afternoon and then come back again on Sunday morning when the band re-opened. I worked […]

Special temporary call signs for UK radio amateurs in 2012 for the Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee

I’ve blogged about special callsigns before because of the R prefix for the Royal Wedding last year and so I think it’s worth posting the news article that’s just been published by the RSGB. I’m happy with the fact that there are special callsigns available but I’m disappointed to see that one has to apply […]

The weather forecast is as follows…

Last weekend when we did the work on the mast, we also put up a weather monitoring station here. I don’t have a real interest in the weather but I’m keen to know what the wind is doing and I’ve been looking at weather stations for some time.  I’ve worked out that the stations within […]

A video of raising the mast after replacing the pulley

Yesterday Yan, M0YNK and Tony, G0MBA came to my QTH for a short while.  I’d previously mentioned that the two shackles we’d used as a pulley really weren’t suitable and so it was time to add a proper pulley.  We lowered the mast, fitted the new pulley and then raised the mast back up. This […]

QSO365 statistics and final review of 2011

To start with I’ll post the basic statistics for the entire year of 2011.  It should be noted that these figures only include contacts made using G6NHU so any QSOs had by GR6NHU aren’t included. QSOs made: 4138 Unique QSOs made: 3045 Average QSOs per day: 11.3 Days missed: 0  <– This is the most […]

Review – December

No major contests this month so the total QSO count isn’t as high as the previous couple of months but it’s still a very respectable number of contacts.  As I work more countries it’s getting more tricky to add new ones and this will only continue.  I think that the statistics for this month are […]

Days 364 and 365 – Some QRSS and a bit of everything to wrap up QSO365

It feels a little odd to be writing this final regular update for QSO365.  It really doesn’t seem like a year ago that it all started and I’m a little relieved to be posting this update, knowing that the project has been a resounding success with not only a QSO made every day of 2011, […]