Statistics – July 2012

The QSO count makes July look like a better month than it actually was but HF conditions haven’t been good for the majority of the month so I feel that’s reflected slightly in the number of DXCC entities worked.  I agree that ninety-two is a lot but I really thought it would be higher than that.   The reason for so many QSOs is that I’ve been working a lot using my special GO6NHU callsign for the London 2012 Olympic Games.  I’ve been on air each day using that callsign but so far I’ve only used it for data, you can find me mainly on 20m in the evenings running either PSK63 or RTTY.

I’ve worked five new entities this month, they were Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Vatican City, Brunei, St. Paul Island (Nova Scotia) and Chagos Islands.

QSOs made: 1140 (700 using GO6NHU, 440 using G6NHU)
DXCC entities worked: 92
New DXCC entities worked: 5

Total DXCC worked: 209
Total DXCC confirmed using LoTW: 174
Total DXCC confirmed using LoTW/QSL cards: 186

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