Month: December 2012

OK DX RTTY contest 2012

At the beginning of each month, I take a look at the contest calendar and get a rough idea of what I’m going to take part in, whether I’m just going to give away some points or whether I’m going to make a serious entry.  The data contests attract my attention more than any others […]

Building a set of 5B4AGN bandpass filters

For the Martello Tower DXpedition to Herm, I borrowed two complete switchable 5B4AGN bandpass filters, we had one connected to each radio to prevent the two stations interfering with each other and they worked very well.  I’d decided before we went to Herm that I wanted to build a set of these filters myself and […]

Shaving – A step back in time

No, you’ve not inadvertently clicked on a ‘Men’s Grooming’ website, this is still my amateur radio blog but I thought I’d write about something that affects 50% of the population, ie the male half.  The daily chore of scraping whiskers from our faces. I almost forgot that many radio amateurs are bearded.  If you’re bearded […]

Statistics – November 2012

This is the first month of the year where my QSO total is lower than the same month in 2011 and I put that largely down to the fact that I’ve been very busy at work this month and have had a number of late evenings and weekends where I’ve been working so my time […]