SCC RTTY Championship 2017 – The results

Back in September I put an entry in to the SCC RTTY Championship and I’m happy to report that the results are out and can be seen in full here.

I entered the single operator 15m section and I’m pleased to report that out of the fifteen entries, I was first.

I logged 190 QSOs but only 184 are shown as valid in the chart below – This is because six of them were duplicates where people called me more than once.  This is something I have no control over and I prefer to work duplicates than waste time telling people it’s a dupe.  This contest was a good example of that, one station called me four times and checking the UBN reports afterwards, only one of those had my callsign correct.

There’s a nice comment on the “Final Comments” section regarding my entry:

“We are happy to have Keith G6NHU back in contesting again and he immediately won 15m band with a very clear log (184 QSO without error)- congrats OM.”

I did enjoy this contest, even though it was slow going.  It was good practise and I’m happy with the result.

SCC RTTY 2017 Championship 15m results

SCC RTTY 2017 Championship 15m results


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