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My amateur radio station in 1991

My radio shack in 1991

I was recently looking through some old photographs and I found some pictures of my old radio shack and aerials from when I still lived at home.  These photos would have been taken in the second half of 1991. The first photo is the inside of my ‘shack’ which was really just one side of […]

It was thirty years ago today…. Part 3

…. I received my licence. A poorly photocopied sheet, issued by the Home Office with my details hand written on in biro.

It was thirty years ago today…. Part 2

…. I passed the RAE. Wednesday 4th August, 1982. This dropped through the letterbox. It had taken nearly three months from sitting the exam and this was what I’d been waiting for.  I passed! This was only the half way mark though, I had to apply for my licence so this was done quickly and […]

It was thirty years ago today….

…. that I sat the RAE. Monday 17th May, 1982. In those days the examination was run by City And Guilds and consisted of two papers, the first one was Licensing conditions and Transmitter Interference and the second was Operating Practises, Procedures and Theory and one had to get at least PASS grade in both […]