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Why you might want to try using my DX Cluster

DX Spider

Telnet: There are many DX Cluster nodes out there and to be fair, they’re all very similar. They all connect into the same network and they all offer pretty much the same services. I make no claims that my node is better than any others but it does have a lot going for it […]

Do people complain you’re quiet on the repeater?

The best way to hold a fist microphone for good loud consistant audio

One of the biggest complaints on our local repeaters is that people are quiet with very low audio.  Often they’re using the cheap Chinese handheld wirelesses such as the Baofeng UV-5R or similar which have a reputation for being quiet.  There are well documented ‘fixes’ available such as drilling out the microphone hole. However it’s […]

Working duplicates in a contest

When I work a contest, most of the time I’m calling CQ and I always work duplicates.  If someone calls me and my log flags that they’re a duplicate, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest, I work them again. Some operators flatly refuse to work duplicates but I think that’s a mistake and I’d […]

Are you transmitting illegally on 70cms?

An interesting subject came up on our 70cms voice repeater earlier today following an incident on a local DMR box yesterday and it got me thinking. There are a lot of 70cms repeaters in the UK with input frequencies between 430 MHz and 431 MHz and many people don’t realise that our licence only allows […]

Data (RTTY/PSK) contesting – The anatomy of an ideal QSO

I like contesting.  I like data contesting and I operate a lot in data contests.  I don’t generally have the time to dedicate to making a winning entry although for the big events, I’ll try and make a good score and aim to finish high up in the table.  I’ve done well enough though and […]

Ignorant and rude operating – A rant

I got home from work this evening and within about thirty seconds of getting in, the phone rang.  It was Tony, G0MBA so I put the wireless on and we had a chat on 28MHz.  Tony was on the outskirts of Colchester in his van and was a good signal with me. As we signed, […]

73 – A rant

In amateur radio terms, the numbers 73 are an abbreviation for “best wishes” or “best regards”.  Note the plural. At the end of a contact people generally sign off using that abbreviation, it’s polite. But if you say “seven threes” or “seventy threes” then what you’re really saying is “best wisheses“.  That sounds a bit […]