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QSO365 #2 is complete – A QSO per day in 2018

Top ten countries worked during QSO365 #2

To start with, I’ll post the basic statistics for the entire year of 2018 and then go into the background. QSOs made: 3789 Unique QSOs made: 2962 Average QSOs per day: 10.4 Days missed: 0 <- This is the most important statistic, it means that QSO365 #2 was a success. DXCC entities worked: 160 New […]

Statistics – December 2013

December was another month where I did very little on the wireless regarding actual QSOs made but I did operate QRSS/WSPR on various bands for most of the time. My interests are shifting slightly towards low power experimentation but I’m still keen on trying to increase my DXCC count. In December, I worked one new […]

Statistics – November 2013

I’ve had a very busy month with very little time to play radio and despite the fact that there have been a number of DXpeditions in November, I was only able to work one of them which was San Andres Island. I did manage to pick up some new band slots on 40m though and […]

Statistics – October 2013

The two new countries worked in October were Guantanamo Bay and Republic of the Congo. QSOs made: 807 DXCC entities worked: 94 New DXCC entities worked: 2 Total DXCC worked: 263 Total DXCC confirmed using LoTW: 244 Total DXCC confirmed using LoTW/QSL cards: 259

Statistics – September 2013

Much better than last month – I actually had time to play radio in September and had a lot of fun doing it. The two new DXCC entities I worked were Libya and El Salvador. QSOs made: 653 DXCC entities worked: 60 New DXCC entities worked: 2 Total DXCC worked: 261 Total DXCC confirmed using […]

Statistics – August 2013

As can be seen, I’ve barely touched the wireless this month.  I’ve been doing a lot of preparation work for Herm 2013 and have been running QRSS for almost all the month and as a result, my QSO count is the lowest it’s been since I started this blog.  I hope to have more available […]

Statistics – July 2013

The new DXCC entity worked this month was Iran. QSOs made: 402 DXCC entities worked: 55 New DXCC entities worked: 1 Total DXCC worked: 259 Total DXCC confirmed using LoTW: 235 Total DXCC confirmed using LoTW/QSL cards: 253

Statistics – June 2013

Another quiet month for me with far fewer QSOs than previous months. Once again, I’ve been doing a lot of low power propagation testing in June using WSPR and QRSS and so I’ve really not actually operated the wireless much making contacts. I worked three new countries this month, they were Ghana, Botswana and Laos. […]

Statistics – May 2013

May has been a relatively quiet month for me with my lowest number of QSOs since September 2010 despite the fact that the CQ WPX CW contest was last weekend and I’d normally make quite a few contacts during that contest. Conditions were poor and I was out all weekend anyway and unable to use […]

Statistics – April 2013

Looking back over my records for the past three years, April is always one of the quieter months of the year and it’s no exception in 2013. I was hoping for a few more QSOs over the months but over 700 is still a good total. In April I worked five new entities, these were […]