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Hexbeam is fixed, DXCC 2021 and general updates

Yaesu FTM-300DE monitoring the QSO365 YSFReflector

I posted back in January to say that the 17m element on my Hexbeam had snapped in the storms and was causing problems. It took over three months before everything came together to allow me to get the mast down and repair it but I managed it last weekend, just in time for the CQ […]

My new Hexbeam is broken … and fixed

Working position for the top of the Hexbeam

Nearly two weeks ago the UK suffered from ‘Severe storms’ with high winds across most of the country. I went outside in the rain on the Saturday morning, looked up at my aerial and was disappointed to see this. You can see the 40m element in the top is very loose and blowing freely in […]

Replacing my hexbeam with… another hexbeam!

My new hexbeam with 40m

At the end of July, I happened to glance up at my aerial and noticed the 15m element hanging down. It was broken. It didn’t look serious though and I was sure that it was just that the connector on the end of the element had snapped off. Around the same time, I was offered […]

I’ve broken my Hexbeam – Again!

The broken end section of my Hexbeam with the aerial in the sky

With the title to this entry, I can imagine a collective sigh from my readers, followed by “Oh no, not again”. This time is different though, this time it was nothing to do with RF or with melted insulators.  A few weeks ago I decided to add some anti-bird measures to my aerial consisting of […]

Fixing the Hexbeam … again

I posted about three weeks ago about my Hexbeam failing again and you can read that by scrolling down the page a little or by clicking here.  I spoke to the manufacturer directly after and he sent me a set of his new custom made PTFE spacers.  There was a contest the following weekend so […]

15m + 400w + snow/rain + Hexbeam = *sigh*

It’s the EA PSK63 contest. I had a decent run yesterday and this morning I was up nice and early to carry on my 15m single band entry. It snowed overnight, it’s raining now and very damp outside. After twenty minutes I was working a run of Japanese stations and my IMD meter started beeping […]

More work on the Hexbeam following another failure

On the 25th August I was warming up for the SCC RTTY contest and having a few quick QSOs prior to the start when I noticed my SWR had jumped from 1.1:1 to over 2:1.  This is exactly what happened before so I went into the garden and peered up at the aerial.  This is […]

The Ipswich Rally and new elements on my Hexbeam, it’s good to be back on the air

It’s surprising how just a few days without being able to play radio can affect someone.  I was up unusually bright and early this morning and off to Ipswich for the East Suffolk Wireless Revival 2012 (Ipswich Rally) where I met up with a few friends for breakfast before heading into the rally. Unfortunately the rally […]

I’m without an HF aerial again after melting the G3TXQ Hexbeam

Last weekend was the Ukrainian DX Digi contest and I intended to run for a while but not make a serious entry, I’d decided to do a single band for a few hours.  The contest started at 13:00 local time and I kicked off using PSK63 which turned out to be a good choice because […]

Replacing my Cushcraft MA-5B with a G3TXQ Broadband Hexbeam

I’ve mentioned a couple of times recently that I’d ordered a replacement aerial and it was delivered on Friday.  I bought a G3TXQ designed Broadband Hexbeam, from Ant, MW0JXE.  Ant manufactures these on demand and so therefore there’s a waiting list, it took around six weeks from order to delivery but it was well worth […]