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Social Distancing

You can get this design on a t-shirt from Redbubble by clicking here. Be safe.73 Keith G6NHU

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Shack maps

Maps are important to radio amateurs – We like to make contact with countries all around the world so a good map is essential. Some years ago I bought an Amateur Radio World Prefix map from DXMaps and it’s been … Continue reading

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A quick tip for your hotspots

With all the hotspots I have in the house for various modes, I decided to do something about the RF. They all run very low power but they’re only for me to use and I didn’t want the RF escaping … Continue reading

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How to set up a Yaesu System Fusion reflector (YSFReflector)

Over the last four or five years I’ve been a regular user of two digital voice modes, D-STAR and DMR. I don’t particularly like to use them to work ‘DX’ but they both have their advantages regarding linking repeaters together … Continue reading

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A new year, a new callsign

In 2013 I applied for M7P as a Special Contest Callsign, and have used it successfully in a large number of contests throughout the years. One of the reasons I chose that particular callsign was for the rarity value when … Continue reading

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A personal, non radio related update.

It’s not often that I write an update here that’s completely unrelated to radio but it’s time for that now. On the last day of November, I visited a friend of mine who lives about a mile away for a … Continue reading

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Rebuilding and raising my ADS-B receiver

Earlier this year I replaced my Hexbeam (with another Hexbeam) and I wrote about it on this site. There was a gap of a couple of weeks when I was between aerials and to take advantage of that, I temporarily … Continue reading

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