Month: April 2013

A productive radio day

Today has been a day for doing things.  I’ve only had one QSO on the wireless but I’ve spent a lot of time doing radio related stuff. I started off this morning by getting all the bits together for my set of 5B4AGN bandpass filters.  My first attempt to wind one of the toroids was […]

Renaming the Martello Tower Group Twitter account

I created the Martello Tower Group Twitter account almost exactly three years ago on the 18th April 2010. The plan was to use that account alongside my existing account and post information about the group, things we were doing and other group related updates. It’s grown to more than that though and now the account […]

Part time entry in the EA RTTY contest

I’ve just completed a part time entry in the EA RTTY contest – It runs from 16:00z to 16:00z over the weekend so I did a few hours yesterday evening on 20m and then put the wireless back on again much later in the night and was surprised to work quite a few Ws and […]

Fixing the Hexbeam … again

I posted about three weeks ago about my Hexbeam failing again and you can read that by scrolling down the page a little or by clicking here.  I spoke to the manufacturer directly after and he sent me a set of his new custom made PTFE spacers.  There was a contest the following weekend so […]

Statistics – March 2013

Conditions throughout March have been generally poor with moments of brilliance mixed in!  I’ve taken part in some contests this month and it’s been a struggle, the most recent was this past weekend where the bands started off in terrible condition and that really caused me to lose interest. Three new ones this month, Clipperton Island, Malawi […]