Month: April 2011

First few hours of GR6NHU

Here’s what I worked in the first few hours.

Days 115, 116 and 117 – QRSS grabbing on 40m

I started off day #115 by working Roger, ON7TQ on 40m.  He had a huge pileup going and was spending a couple of minutes talking to each person so it took a while to work him but it was a nice QSO once I did. Conditions seemed so nice on 40m that I decided to […]

A day without the internet and an 80m QRSS transmitter

I woke up yesterday morning to find the worst possible scenario (except perhaps for a zombie apocalypse).  The internet had failed!  I tried rebooting my modem and even went as far as resetting it but not only was it not connecting to the internet, I couldn’t even connect to it. So I arranged to have […]

Days 112, 113 and 114 – getting ready to use GR6NHU

I’ve had three nicely busy days on the wireless and I’ve been getting things ready for the special callsign for the Royal Wedding later on this week.  The NoV for GR6NHU has arrived, I’ve added it to my profile, set up a QSL card design on and requested a certificate on LoTW.  I’ve […]

“New” aerial – Well, same aerial but higher

It’s no secret that I’ve been meaning to do some aerial work for a while now and it’s just taken much longer than planned.  My long wire starts just under the eves of the house and goes to an anchor point a mere five foot or so above the ground which really makes it very […]

What constitutes a QSO?

When you’re speaking to someone, a QSO is very easy to define.  Generally an exchange of callsigns and signal reports is the accepted minimum required to complete a contact although I notice that signal reports aren’t even mentioned on the ARRLs Logbook of The World.   During HF contests the signal report is always a 5-9 […]

Days 109, 110 and 111 – Logbook online

Just one QSO on day #109, I worked N2HTT, Michael in New York State on 20m. On day #110 I had two contacts, UA1NAN, Eugene on 20m and then I had a QSO on the same band using PSK31 with R3WF, Alex. There were a few more contacts on day #111 and they were all […]

Days 106, 107 and 108

I started day #106 by having a QSO with RZ3DJ, Dmitry on 15m and then I worked two special event stations on the same band, both commemorating Yuri Gagarin’s first flight into space.  The stations were RG50D and RG50F.  Later I worked RV3GS, Slav on the same band.  After that I switched over to 10m […]

Fifty confirmed countries on eQSL

I’m not a great awards chaser although I am working towards DXCC using Logbook of the World and I noticed this evening that there’s a tab on eQSL marked ‘Awards’ which I’ve never been into before. I was quite surprised to see that I have over fifty confirmed countries on eQSL so I downloaded the […]

My 40m QRSS transmitter spotted warming up

I put my 40m QRSS transmitter on air over the weekend as I do sometimes and was most intrigued to be sent the following capture. Colin, G6AVK who’s in Rayleigh, Essex (not too far from me) had been monitoring at the time and spotted my transmission when it first came on air.  You can clearly […]