Month: November 2010

Some of my QSOs to be in Morse!

That may be quite a shock to people who know me but I’m determined that I will use Morse code to make some real QSOs in 2011 and what better way to do it than as part of my QSO365 project. I’ve never studied Morse code at all but over the years I have picked […]

A new aerial is needed

In order to achieve what I hope to do in 2011, I will need to improve my HF aerial. At the moment I have a ‘long’ wire which is fed via an SGC Smartuner. It’s not too bad on 40m but on all the other HF bands, it’s pretty poor. I’ve bought a second hand […]

A QSO per day in 2011

In 2011 I’m going to attempt to have one QSO per day and this blog will document that.