New aerial – I’ve decided!

After much research, I’ve decided what I’m going to replace the Hexbeam with.

I’m aiming to put up a SteppIR UrbanBeam which will give me the same coverage as the Hexbeam with the addition of a folded dipole on 30m.

At the same time, I’m going to replace all the coaxial cable with Messi & Paoloni Hyperflex 10. My existing coax is a run of unknown quantity RG-213 which was bought very cheaply about fifteen years ago from eBay. I’ll also remake the GM3SEK chokes.

To make things easier to work on, I’m going to install an NN4ZZ tilt plate so I can effortlessly lower and raise the mast and have the aerial remain horizontal all the way down. I have a fold over plate with the Hexbeam but it’s not as seamless as the tilt plate. These plates are now sold by Degen Designs and I’m in conversation with the proprietor to arrange that. It means I’ll be able to easily lower the mast when strong winds are forecast which is something I can’t do now.

It’s going to be a lot of work to do this and it won’t happen until the summer. Watch this space for further updates.

Addendum, 9th March 2023

The tilt plate has been ordered.

Addendum, 27th March 2023

The aerial and all the other parts (coax, connectors etc) have been ordered.

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