Month: April 2017

More new test gear for the shack

miniVNA Tiny from mini RADIO SOLUTIONS

Back in 2012 I wrote about some new test gear that I’d bought for the shack.  Well time doesn’t stand still and it’s always nice to have new toys in the shack, especially if they’re useful. My miniVNA Pro always did me well but recently I’ve started doing things on higher frequencies, such as building aerials […]

A new record – G to ZL on 60m QRSS

G6NHU as seen on ZK2IK's 60m QRSS grabber

Toward the end of March I ran WSPR and QRSS on the 60m band for a couple of weeks.  I did some experiments on 60m nearly three years ago which gave good results and I was keen to improve that. I posted on the new Knights QRSS list to announce that I would be active on 60m […]

Returning to data modes after an enforced break

Home brew interface for data modes using two audio isolation transformers

My shack computer is an Apple iMac.  For a few years, I’ve operated a lot of data modes and been very successful in data contests.  I’ve always enjoyed data modes and in 2012 I operated GO6NHU to celebrate the London 2012 Olympics exclusively using data. Back in 2015, Apple released a new operating system called El Capitan and […]