Month: August 2011

Building a dummy load

Dummy load in oil

Some time ago I decided that I really ought to have a dummy load in the shack.  I used to own a very good BNOS load a long time ago but I really have no idea what happened to it.  At some time it probably was either sold or stashed in the loft, I really […]

Days 231, 232 and 233 – RTTY!

There was a Sporadic E opening on 6m on day #231 and so I was pleased to work HA3LI, Ali, IZ5EME, Marco, IW4AOT, Peter, IK4ASR, Davide and IZ3SQW, Mirko using just my homebrew indoor half wave dipole.  I then switched over to 40m and spoke to GP3ZPE/P, Paul on Guernsey and then worked a couple […]

JT65A, working DX with low power

Over the last few months I’ve mentioned JT65, or to be more precise, JT65A a lot and it’s fair to say that I’ve had a lot of QSOs using it.  In fact, at the moment it’s probably my favourite mode of operation.  I explained about how a contact is made using JT65 in this blog […]

Days 228, 229 and 230 – One more new DXCC and plenty of JT65

My last QSO on day #227 was a new DXCC so it was a nice surprise for my only contact on day #228 to be another new one – I worked Eduardo, CO8LY in Cuba on 17m PSK31. I had a lot more contacts on day #229 though, I started off by talking to IV3SUS, […]

QSO365 has a new sponsor – Aerial-Parts of Colchester

I am very pleased to announce that I have a new sponsor on board in the form of Aerial-Parts of Colchester.  I blogged a while ago saying that I was considering using a lighting/CCTV camera mast to replace my current scaffold pole but while that would have provided sufficient strength and stability, the mast itself […]

Days 225, 226 and 227 – An unexpected new DXCC

I had one QSO on day #225, I worked IZ5GST, Steve on 40m.  40m was my mainstay earlier in the year but the summer doldrums are making it quite tricky at times on the band right now.  Conditions will change rapidly and one moment I’ll be waiting for someone to finish a QSO and before […]

Days 222, 223 and 224

I’ve run a bit more data over these three days than I have for a while largely because my mind has been preoccupied with the plans for a big move at work and it’s easier to throw the wireless on and have a data contact than it is to actually speak to someone!  I’m a […]

Cornbread Road – An amateur radio podcast with a difference

Around a year ago I discovered an Amateur Radio podcast like I’d never heard before.  I don’t recall how I found it but suffice it to say that I did. It was called Cornbread Road and it was a story read (and written) by Jeff, KE9V.  I subscribed to the podcast and eagerly waited for […]

Days 219, 220 and 221 – Hellschreiber and ST0R

I started off day #219 by having a couple of QSOs on 20m, first I spoke to M0GYQ/P, Rob and then a bit later I was tuning around to hear someone asking if the frequency was in use.  Predicting a CQ call I listened to hear the same station ask a further twice whether the […]

Days 216, 217 and 218 – The “European HF Championship”

I had one contact on day #216, I spoke to I2BEO, Julio on 40m. I doubled that on day #217 when I had two QSOs, firstly I spoke to ER1SS, Vlad on 6m and then I had a quick word with Braco, E77DX on 10m. Day #218 saw a few more QSOs though.  I started […]