Month: March 2011


I’ve blogged previously about my total lack of success running QRSS on the 30 metre (10MHz) band and I’ve always blamed my aerial.  I ran my home made QRSS kit into my long wire for a few days and nobody heard me.  I tried running it into a home made dipole for a few days […]

Days 85, 86 and 87 – CQ WPX and more DXCCs than you can shake a stick at

I was awake at midnight on day #85 as I’d been working a few stations just before in the build up to the CQ World-Wide WPX Contest which is one of the big HF contests of the year.  I had no real plan for the contest, just to give away a few points and hopefully […]

RSGB General Manager

This blog isn’t normally used to report general news articles but I think it’s worth posting this. RSGB General Manager The Board of the RSGB has today released the following announcement: Peter Kirby, RSGB General Manager, has left the Society’s employment after the discovery of financial irregularities on his part. For the time being, RSGB […]

Club Log – A great tool for analysing your log

I was pointed towards Club Log a few weeks ago and I signed up for it out of interest to see what it can do. The “About” info says: Club Log is a web-based application that analyses log files from radio amateurs all over the world. Using the logs, Club Log offers you a wide […]

G6NHU ‘grabbed’ in Pensacola again

I totally forgot on Friday night to switch the QRSS transmitter on but remembered just before I went to bed last night to tune the aerial for 40m and connect up the kit. This morning I had a hunt through the archives at W4HBK’s Pensacola Snapper and was very pleased to see that my 150mW […]

Days 82, 83 and 84 – 80m was better this month (oh, and Cape Verde)

I blogged a couple of days ago about my displeasure with the behaviour of a particular station who was calling D44AC in Cape Verde on 10m.  I gave up trying to get through the pileup on day #82 and a little later I switched to 15m.  There was D44AC calling CQ on 15m with very […]

Ignorant and rude operating – A rant

I got home from work this evening and within about thirty seconds of getting in, the phone rang.  It was Tony, G0MBA so I put the wireless on and we had a chat on 28MHz.  Tony was on the outskirts of Colchester in his van and was a good signal with me. As we signed, […]

Days 79, 80 and 81 – Another couple of DXCCs

Day #79 was the second day of the Russian DX contest I mentioned in my last entry and I was hoping to make it up to 100 QSOs before the end. I didn’t quite manage that as I only added another twenty to my previous total, bringing me up to ninety. The additional QSOs were […]

Days 76, 77 and 78 – DXCCs everywhere

Days #76 started off just after midnight.  Now I appreciate that one day always follows the previous but in the case of day #76 it started on the wireless at 00:05 when I worked OX3XR, Peter in Greenland on 40m JT65 for a new DXCC.  That was followed by VE3ZUP in Canada on the same […]

More QRSS, overnight full grab from Pensacola

Just a quick update, I’ve been shown a full overnight trace from the Pensacola Snapper I mentioned earlier today and I’m pleased to post it here. It clearly shows when my signal appeared and then faded away, it’s a good trace, I like it.