Club Log – A great tool for analysing your log

I was pointed towards Club Log a few weeks ago and I signed up for it out of interest to see what it can do.

Club Log

The “About” info says:

Club Log is a web-based application that analyses log files from radio amateurs all over the world. Using the logs, Club Log offers you a wide range of reports for your own benefit, and identifies large scale trends from the sum of all activity in the database.

If you participate in Club Log by uploading your log you will receive:

  • Personal DXCC reports and league tables
  • Detailed analysis of your log, using researched DXCC information
  • Zone charts for your log, again based on detailed research
  • A personal timeline of your activity (DXCCs per year, band and mode info)
  • Your own log search tool, eg. to link from your web page or QRZ profile
  • A filtered DX Cluster which only tells you about DX you still ‘need’
  • A say in the Club Log most wanted report: your log is part of the trend data
  • Access to propagation and activity predictions, using everyone’s logs
  • QSL suggestions to help you send out just the cards you need
  • Satisfaction from taking part in and improving a free DXing resource.

For me, Club Log is a perfect tool because the timeline shows me exactly what DXCC entities I’ve worked and when I first worked them and it’s helped me sort out my computerised log so that the data it contains is  accurate.  I was surprised at how many errors it contained.

There is no cost involved to join Club Log, you can make a donation if you want but it’s not compulsory.

If you keep computer based logs and hunt DXCC entities or even if you just fancy having your log analysed, I can thoroughly recommend signing up to Club Log and uploading your log on a regular basis.  The upload process is very simple, just export your data from your favourite logging software in .adif format and then click on ‘upload’ on the Club Log site.  An import is run every 30 minutes and once it’s done you’ll get an email confirming your upload.  If you’ve made any errors regarding DXCC flagging then they will be highlighted and you can correct them.  It’s as simple as that.


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  1. Clublog is great tool, but for me still relative. It still comes up with DXCC that are not confirmed and clublog says it is confirmed. I don’t know why. I tried to upload my logs a few times. I think clublog compares with other clublog logs as well counting those contacts as confirmed too. Anyway, it’s very usefull. 73, Bas

  2. Personally I’m not too worried about Club Log showing whether a QSO is confirmed or not. My logging software (Aether) automatically uploads to eQSL and LoTW and keeps me updated as to what countries are confirmed there so I use Club Log for a simple way to track entities worked.

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