Month: June 2013

Harwich Amateur Radio Interest Group (HARIG) Fox hunt

Location 7

Every year the Harwich Amateur Radio Interest Group (HARIG) operate a fox hunt and this year, Yan M0YNK and myself decided to take part.  It’s been years since I was involved with any radio DFing and the last time I did an event, I was the fox.  Yan has never done it so this was going […]

Running WSPR and QRSS [almost] at the same time

Last month I mentioned that I’d bought a new kit, the “Ultimate 2” transmitter from Hans Summers.  I hooked it up with a GPS module and it almost worked perfectly.  There were a couple of issues with 2.01 of the firmware and I assisted with beta testing the 2.02 firmware.  While testing it, I made […]

Another new callsign in the house

Sometime last year, my XYL was heard asking my son if he still had the radio book that he used when he did the Foundation exam.  He couldn’t find it but I asked her why she was interested and she said that she was thinking about doing the radio exam as well.  I must stress […]

RSGB Membership for just £1

Yes, you read that correctly – If you’re in the UK then you can join the Radio Society of Great Britain for the sum of just £1. As part of the Centenary celebrations the RSGB is making a special offer that harks back to the first days of the Society. It was originally recognised that […]

Playing radio ‘down by the reservoir’

Parked up down by the reservoir

A group of local radio amateurs decided to meet up ‘down by the reservoir’ this afternoon to play wireless for a while.  I arrived just after 15:00 to find everything in full swing. There was John M/KK4OYJ, Yan M0YNK, Chris 2E0DBY, Chris’ son, Dean and Gary M6IGM already there when I arrived and Mark M0MJH […]

One hour of 40m WSPR on a Saturday evening

This is especially satisfying for a couple of reasons.  It’s the first time I’ve reached VK using the Ultimate 2 kit and a simple wire aerial.  I’ve managed it on 20m using the Hexbeam but not with my random length doublet and smartuner.  Secondly, it’s amazing that any signals were received at all because it’s […]

Statistics – May 2013

May has been a relatively quiet month for me with my lowest number of QSOs since September 2010 despite the fact that the CQ WPX CW contest was last weekend and I’d normally make quite a few contacts during that contest. Conditions were poor and I was out all weekend anyway and unable to use […]