RSGB Membership for just £1

Yes, you read that correctly – If you’re in the UK then you can join the Radio Society of Great Britain for the sum of just £1.

As part of the Centenary celebrations the RSGB is making a special offer that harks back to the first days of the Society. It was originally recognised that we needed as many members as possible to give us a strong voice with Government and Internationally. This is still true today, so we are asking our membership to sign up their fellow amateurs as RSGB members for only one pound for a full year. This offer is open to anyone who has an interest in radio as long as they haven’t been an RSGB member in the last 12 months and reside in the UK. The new members will get one year of RSGB membership with the full benefits that the Society provides, with the expectation that like you, they will appreciate what the RSGB offers and remain members once the offer has ended.

I’ve been a member of the RSGB for many years, I first joined when I was just fifteen but after a few years I didn’t rejoin.  Since then, I’ve joined and let it lapse a couple of times but that was simply down to my own procrastination when it came to renewing.  Now I pay by monthly standing order (which gives a discount) so that won’t happen again.

For me, the RSGB membership is worth what I pay for it.  I enjoy reading the monthly RadCom magazine and I take full advantage of the QSL bureau and so I have no problems with keeping my membership active.

If you’re in the UK and you’re not a member of the RSGB, this deal will allow you to join and enjoy full benefits for a whole year for just £1 which I think is a fantastic deal and if I wasn’t already a member, I’d be rushing to sign up.

The offer is only valid until the 14th July so you have around a month to join.

To take advantage of this offer, click here for the special website and sign up.  The process requires Java to complete and it seems to work best in Internet Explorer.