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QSL card from Iran

QSL card from EP3SMH in Iran

My DXCC count of worked and confirmed stations has been slowly increasing over the last few years and I’ve received QSLs from every entity I’ve worked except for Iran.  I’ve only made one QSO with a station in Iran and up until late last year, I’ve not chased for the QSL card due to the […]

Days 290, 291 and 292 – A QSL card in the post

I had three QSOs on day #290, I worked MX0BCQ, Kevin and 2E0OTL, Gary on 40m SSB and then had a JT65 QSO on 20m with IW1PUR, Roberto. Even less on day #291 despite the current good conditions – I spoke to KF3B, Alan on 15m SSB and NU1O, Chris on 10m. I arrived home […]

Review – July

IOTA weekend gave my QSO count for July a big boost with over 150 of my contacts for the month occurring during that contest.  My DXCC entity count continues to grow slowly and so does the number of stations confirmed on LoTW.  I’ve not written out any QSL cards for July yet but will hit those over […]

Review – June

Luckily I keep a paper log as well as a computer log so I am able to provide some statistics for the month of June. I can’t give as much detail as usual but the basics are here. QSOs made: 301 QSL cards sent: 231 DXCC entities worked: 49 New DXCC entities worked: 3 DXCC […]

Days 157, 158 and 159 – QSL cards from the bureau

All three of these days were very busy for me and so I managed just two QSOs on each day but that’s one more than I’ve said I’ll do and I’m still very happy to be playing radio every day. On day #157 I decided to have a shout on 2m for a change and […]

Review – May

May started off with the last few days of the special ‘R’ prefix for the Royal Wedding and so although I had over 300 contacts this month, it’s my lowest month for QSL cards sent because I’ve not done those for GR6NHU yet.  Here are my statistics for the month. QSOs made: 339 Running QSO […]

QSL card received from VK6BN

I like QSL cards.  Electronic methods of confirming contacts are all very well and are a much more efficient method of QSLing but I much prefer to have a real physical QSL card in my hand. eQSL simulates that with graphical representations of cards but it’s not the same. I’ve just received a card from my […]

Review – April

Coincidentally April saw exactly the same number of QSOs as January although I worked more DXCCs but only one new entity.  It’s been a good month on the air with the band conditions changing a lot and now in the evenings I’m working much more 20m than I’ve done so far this year and the […]

Days 88, 89 and 90 – Quiet

After the hectic last weekend, these three days have been very quiet with just one QSO each day.  Part of the reason for this is that I also spent quite a while writing out the QSL cards for March, here’s just a few of them all written out and ready to go to the bureau.  […]

Review – March

March has been a great month, one where I’ve been really active on the wireless. The bands are starting to open nicely and I’ve ‘discovered’ the 15m (21MHz) band or to be more precise, I discovered I had an aerial which works on 15m and it’s quickly become my band of choice. There have been […]