Review – June

Luckily I keep a paper log as well as a computer log so I am able to provide some statistics for the month of June. I can’t give as much detail as usual but the basics are here.

QSOs made: 301
QSL cards sent: 231
DXCC entities worked: 49
New DXCC entities worked: 3
DXCC entities confirmed on LoTW: 75

Total DXCC worked: unknown

This is my biggest month by far for QSL cards sent and it’s one of the highest for QSOs made. When my insurance claim is complete and I’m able to access my logbook properly again I’ll be able to report on the other figures.

I’ve removed the VHF figures from the review statistics because I’ve decided to replace my 2m beam on the side of the house and will no longer be counting squares on VHF.

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  1. Keith, if you are replacing your 2m beam, why not build yourself a small Moxon beam? If you google moxon beam you will find a program to give you the measurements for your frequency of choice. Very easy to build with a couple of lengths of wire and some plastic pipe.

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