What is QSO365?

QSO365 is the personal amateur radio blog of G6NHU, it started in late 2010 and throughout the whole of 2011 it was dedicated to coverage of my QSO365 project of which the aim was simple – To have one or more QSOs per day throughout the whole year.  The project was successful and now the site is my regular amateur radio blog.


My name is Keith and I’ve been a licensed amateur radio operator since 1982, my callsign is G6NHU.   My interests in amateur radio have largely been operating on VHF and upwards and specifically dx hunting, data communication and operating contests.  I am an active member of the Martello Tower Group and organiser for our DXpeditions.

In 2010 I put up HF aerials for the first time and since then, my aerial system has been revised many times.  For more details about my current station, please take a look at my page on qrz.com which is updated regularly.

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  1. Hi Keith! Saw your story in Amateur Radio Newsline. What a great New Year’s resolution! You inspire me! I think I’ll attempt it on CW mode only. Thanks for the idea and I wish you a very happy & prosperous 2011!

    Very 73,
    Cliff KU4GW
    SKCC#652 NAQCC#1491 Flying Pigs QRP#1183 30MDG#865

  2. Hi Keith
    Sounds like a great idea – hope you keep it up!
    I actually just googled G6NHU after finding a letter from you in my box of BBC Micro stuff in the loft, circa 1984, regarding a program we were using to effectively instant message each other over 2m, years ahead of its time. I must say it is encouraging to see you are still active. My last QSO with anyone was in 1987(!) but I recently bought an FT-ONE, initially to do some SWL. I need a decent antenna before daring to press the TX button though… who knows, I might achieve 1 QSO in 2011 – best if I aim low!!

    73, Tony G6TQL

  3. I’m inspired too and left a comment on your Jan 1 blog that I too will attempt QSO365 with proviso of banking qso’s in advance of travel days.

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