Month: January 2018

Update on my 17m FT8 DXCC challenge

My last update on this challenge was back in October and I did very little towards it until the New Year. ┬áSince the last time I posted about this, I’ve worked an extra 27 DXCC entities on 17m using just FT8 taking me up to my current total of 77 entities worked. This brings my […]

I’ve got my Special Contest Callsign back

Notice of Variation for M7P

In 2013 I was issued a Special Contest Callsign (SCC) and used it very successfully for a number of contests which you can see on my Contest results page.  Because I wasn’t active in the qualifying contests very much after that, I couldn’t renew it when it expired at the end of 2016.  Part of […]

QSO statistics for 2017

I’d just like to record my annual stats as extracted from ClubLog for 2017 As is normal for me, most of my QSOs were data.  The majority of those were RTTY although a fair few were using the new FT8 mode. I’m not unhappy with those figures, especially when you consider how poor the HF […]