Update on my 17m FT8 DXCC challenge

My last update on this challenge was back in October and I did very little towards it until the New Year.  Since the last time I posted about this, I’ve worked an extra 27 DXCC entities on 17m using just FT8 taking me up to my current total of 77 entities worked.

This brings my total number of DXCC entities worked on 17m using all modes up to 147 and it’s interesting to note that my FT8 count overall is now at 83 which exceeds my JT65 count of 76.  This really shows how the amateur radio community has embraced FT8 because I’ve made about three times more QSOs using JT65 than I have FT8.

Here’s a list of the countries I’ve worked so far in this challenge.

As an unrelated footnote, I’ve been told that somehow these blog posts are being cross posted to a couple of amateur radio newsgroups automatically.  I’m not responsible for this and I have no control over it.  I wouldn’t choose to have my entries replicated there but I can’t do anything about it.  If you’re reading this on a newsgroup then please be aware that I won’t see any replies or comments.

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