Month: November 2017

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G6NHU DXCC certificate - CW

Back in 2011 while I was working my QSO365 project (the reason why this blog started), I reached 100 DXCC entities worked and although I applied for the award, I don’t think I ever actually posted the certificate on here. The general DXCC award is for the “mixed” category which means that you’ve worked and […]

Working duplicates in a contest

When I work a contest, most of the time I’m calling CQ and I always work duplicates. ┬áIf someone calls me and my log flags that they’re a duplicate, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest, I work them again. Some operators flatly refuse to work duplicates but I think that’s a mistake and I’d […]

DMR – My thoughts about Digital Mobile Radio

TYT MD-380 DMR UHF handheld

I’ve written a couple of times in the past about various digital voice modes and if I’m honest, I’ve been quite scathing of them.  I make no secret of the fact that I’m very happy to use repeaters for local natter but don’t like the idea of linking remote repeaters together via the internet to […]

Building a JYE Tech Cap Meter 060 Kit

JYE Tech Capacitance Meter DIY Kit

One of the new local Foundation licence holders recently did the Intermediate course and exam and as part of her practical assessment, she built a capacitance meter which I’m sure helped her pass the course.  Well done, Caroline! I fancied doing the same as it’s a handy piece of test gear that I’ve never owned. […]

My first new DXCC entity for over eighteen months

I’ve not been specifically chasing new DXCC entities for a while and because of this, I’ve only picked up four since 2015. I know there’s been some interest surrounding the 3C0L and 3C1L DXpedition to Annobon and Equatorial Guinea respectively over the last few weeks and although I missed out on working 3C0L, I was […]