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QRSS revisited

VE1VDM stacked on 27th March 2019

For the last couple of months, I’ve not done much in the way of traditional radio, largely down to the fact that I’ve been really busy at work. I’ve had lots to do and I’ve spent a month working away from home either on training courses or in meetings preparing for a very large project. […]

A new record – G to ZL on 60m QRSS

G6NHU as seen on ZK2IK's 60m QRSS grabber

Toward the end of March I ran WSPR and QRSS on the 60m band for a couple of weeks.  I did some experiments on 60m nearly three years ago which gave good results and I was keen to improve that. I posted on the new Knights QRSS list to announce that I would be active on 60m […]

Video of the ten minute multi QRPp mode transmission

After my entry a few days ago, I’ve made a video of my Hans Summers Ultimate 3S transmitter going through all four modes in a single ten minute frame.  It’s annotated with comments along the way describing what’s happening at every stage.

Running four QRPp modes in a ten minute frame

Over the last month or so I’ve been doing some experimenting using a newly built Hans Summers Ultimate 3S transmitter fitted with the new oven controlled crystal oscillator and I’m now running four different modes in a single ten minute frame with space at the end for a calibration cycle. You should note that to […]

Building a QRP Labs OCXO

The top of the completed OCXO

I’ve not posted much this year because I’ve not been doing much new stuff. I’m still messing around with the very low power modes and enjoying that a lot. I’m transmitting WSPR and QRSS all the time and tend to leave the transmitter running on one band/mode for a month or so at a time. […]

20m QRSS warmup

I’ve had this screenshot sitting on my desktop for a while because I think it’s quite interesting. It shows my 20m QRSS signal from when I switched the transmitter on, for a period of nearly four hours.  You can see how it takes almost an hour to warm up and calibrate itself to the correct […]

I’m not dead!

I know I’ve not updated this blog for some months but don’t panic, I’m not actually dead! Although I’ve not done much operating this year, I have still been playing radio.  I’ve been melting a lot of solder building WSPR and QRSS transmitters and there’s normally some RF being transmitted on an HF band somewhere […]

A World First – Experiments on the 60m (5 MHz) band with QRSS

Eight ten minute frames stacked together showing G6NHU received on 60m QRSS at W4HBK - 7288 km

The 60m band is fairly new amateur radio allocation, first introduced in 2002 but only to a few countries such as the United Kingdom, Finland, Denmark, the USA, Ireland, Iceland and Norway.  I had an experimental Notice of Variation for 5 MHz on my licence a few years ago and I renewed it when we […]

Running WSPR and QRSS [almost] at the same time

Last month I mentioned that I’d bought a new kit, the “Ultimate 2” transmitter from Hans Summers.  I hooked it up with a GPS module and it almost worked perfectly.  There were a couple of issues with 2.01 of the firmware and I assisted with beta testing the 2.02 firmware.  While testing it, I made […]

Running WSPR (and QRSS) at 200mW

I’ve written a fair bit about WSPR in the past and posted reports of where my signal has been heard using just five watts output.  I’ve also written about QRSS including details of the transmitters I’ve built and shown reports of where I’ve been captured. A few weeks ago I heard about a new QRSS kit […]