I’m not dead!

I know I’ve not updated this blog for some months but don’t panic, I’m not actually dead!

Although I’ve not done much operating this year, I have still been playing radio.  I’ve been melting a lot of solder building WSPR and QRSS transmitters and there’s normally some RF being transmitted on an HF band somewhere running very low power from this QTH.  I’m having a lot of fun testing different aerials and different power levels and still enjoying radio.

Everything goes in cycles and as a result, I’ve hardly had any QSOs this year – A quick check of my log shows that I’ve made just 220 contacts in 2014.

I changed my car about six months ago and I fitted a new Kenwood TM-D710GE wireless.  My old Kenwood TM-D700E has been retired and the new model does a lot more.  I’d had some problems getting the GPS working but the GE model has a GPS built in so as a result, I can be tracked as G6NHU-9 pretty much every time I’m out and about.

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