Month: October 2012

Audio recordings

Recently I’ve been saving audio snippets from when I work DXpeditions.  This started when I worked the 7O6T DXpedition back in May and I’ve tried to do it since then.  I thought it would be good to keep all these audio clips online and so you’ll see there’s a new page on the site which […]

It was thirty years ago today…. Part 3

…. I received my licence. A poorly photocopied sheet, issued by the Home Office with my details hand written on in biro.

RSGB Convention 2012

Tomorrow I’m off to the RSGB Convention at Horwood House, Milton Keynes and will be there until Sunday afternoon. The programme of events is very varied and there’s plenty there to keep me interested all weekend, along with it being a major social event. If you go and you spot me, please be sure to […]

The Martello Tower Group are going to Herm

I suddenly realised that although I’ve been shouting about our upcoming DXpedition to Herm on Twitter and getting publicity in many other places that I’ve not blogged about it here. Myself and five other members of the Martello Tower Group are going to Herm which is part of the Channel Islands in just three days […]

Statistics – September 2012

I wound up my GO6NHU operations at the start of the month so whereas G6NHU didn’t get much use over the last two months, I’m back to that again.  The design for my QSL cards for GO6NHU is nearly finished and will be ordered in the next week or so.  My goal is to work […]