Statistics – September 2012

I wound up my GO6NHU operations at the start of the month so whereas G6NHU didn’t get much use over the last two months, I’m back to that again.  The design for my QSL cards for GO6NHU is nearly finished and will be ordered in the next week or so.  My goal is to work 200 DXCC entities in 2012 and I’m very close to that now with 197 worked so far this year.

I’ve picked up six new countries this month, these were Swains Island, Fiji, Madagascar, Palau, Niger and just yesterday I worked Tristan da Cunha.  One of the highlights of the month was being called by KH6ZM in Hawaii during the CQ WW RTTY contest.  Hawaii normally generates a big pileup so it was a nice change to have a Hawaiian station call me rather than the other way round.

QSOs made: 875 (410 using GO6NHU, 465 using G6NHU)
DXCC entities worked: 85
New DXCC entities worked: 6

Total DXCC worked: 220
Total DXCC confirmed using LoTW: 179
Total DXCC confirmed using LoTW/QSL cards: 198

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