QSO statistics for 2017

I’d just like to record my annual stats as extracted from ClubLog for 2017

As is normal for me, most of my QSOs were data.  The majority of those were RTTY although a fair few were using the new FT8 mode.

I’m not unhappy with those figures, especially when you consider how poor the HF bands have been for the year.  Remember, we’re still the best part of two years away from solar minimum (cycle 24 started in December 2008) so in all reality, I think that we’re probably four years away from when we’ll notice any improvement in HF conditions.

As an unrelated footnote, I’ve been told that somehow these blog posts are being cross posted to a couple of amateur radio newsgroups automatically.  I’m not responsible for this and I have no control over it.  I wouldn’t choose to have my entries replicated there but I can’t do anything about it.  If you’re reading this on a newsgroup then please be aware that I won’t see any replies or comments.

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