Days 178-184, lightning, security and insurance

Day #178 saw me just working the higher bands, I spoke to DO8ABS, EW6DX and IZ5ENZ on 10m and HA5JI, YO5OHY, SP7HKK and HA6NL on 6m.

Day #179 was the day of the lightning strike but luckily for the project I’d worked W4DXX, Eric on 20m in the morning before leaving for work. It’s unusual for me to switch the radio on in the mornings but I had a few minutes spare.

Day #180 was when we had the strike. I thought that might be the end of the project but luckily my son has a radio which was very kindly given to him recently by Ron, G4GWC and I was able to use that wireless (an Alinco DX70) to work LX/PD0FSB/P on 40m.

I’ve had a lot of things to do but my priority was to get my security system here sorted and that was done quickly.

As a result of this I’ve had very little time to use the radio but have managed to keep things going.

On day #181 I worked G1INK/P on 40m, on day #182 I spoke to S52WW on 20m and I0SNY on 6m. I had three QSOs on day #183 and they were all on 10m. I worked F1AEY, LA9DAA and EA4EUI. Finally for this update I spoke to PC06M on 6m on the morning of day #184.

I was hoping to operate in VHF NFD this weekend as a “Fixed Sweeper” as although I won the 2m section last year I missed out on the Gold award by just a couple of percent and wanted to try and reach that this time.

As I type this entry through the WordPress app on my iPad I still have no working computers in the house and my shack is in a state of disarray. The loss adjuster is coming tomorrow so hopefully I’ll have an idea of how my insurance claim is going to progress very soon.

I’d like to thank everyone for their words of support both here and via twitter. I run two twitter accounts, @qso365 which only tweets updates to this blog and @g0pkt which is my regular radio related account – if you want to know what’s going on then that’s the one to follow as it’s updated regularly on a daily basis.

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  1. Keith,
    Glad to hear you’re managing to carry on the project. 73,

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