Review – May

May started off with the last few days of the special ‘R’ prefix for the Royal Wedding and so although I had over 300 contacts this month, it’s my lowest month for QSL cards sent because I’ve not done those for GR6NHU yet.  Here are my statistics for the month.

QSOs made: 339
Running QSO count: 1268
QSL cards sent: 78
DXCC entities worked: 48
New DXCC entities worked: 2
Squares worked on 144MHz: 18
New squares worked on 144MHz: 0

Total DXCC worked: 97
Total squares worked on 144MHz: 83

It’s actually quite difficult to write the monthly review because I’ve already discussed everything I’ve done throughout the month in the regular blog posts!  I think in future I’ll just go with the stats as posted above.


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  1. I know it involves more stats-gathering but do you have a figure for DXCC confirmed – or is that the one you list? It’s the one that’s *interesting* as far as the DXCC award itself is concerned, assuming you plan to go for it.

    1. It’s a good question and I’ll start adding it from next month.

      Currently I have 67 DXCC entities confirmed through LoTW.

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