Days 148, 149 and 150 – A horizontal loop for 40m.

To start day #148 I spoke to Kari, OH6IO on 10m and then moved over to 40m to work M5STC, Steve in Rotherham, G0TRB/P, Roger at Tamworth Castle and GB5GEO, Wayne in Merthyr Tydfil.  This was the same day we’d tried to run GB4MTG so I really struggled to have any QSOs in the evening.

Day #149 was just as terrible during the day and as a result I only had two contacts in the evening – I worked GM4TVB, Colin near Aberdeen and YL2GB, Valery.  Both of these were on 40m.

On day #150 I was cursing my luck – I had planned to replace my long wire with a full wavelength horizontal loop for 40m but without a ladder it was going to be tricky.  I’d hoped to borrow one from my neighbour but even though I was up at just after 08:30, he’d gone out and was out until mid afternoon.  While I was waiting for him to return I worked GM4SSA, Hans in Shetland on 20m, SP1PEA, Adam on 40m and then YU6DX, Alex back on 20m.  I also had a QSO with OH3GBS, Jouko in Finland (a country where I want to be).

After I’d spent the time to put the aerial up I naturally went on 40m.  Over the course of the evening I worked LA0HK, Gerry, GM3WFJ, Robin, MW6OTT, Mark, DL2SEW, Walter, G0GYY, Peter, MM0BNN/P, Bill and finally OE9DGV, Guntram.

I’ll post more about my loop later but initial impressions are good.

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