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First QSL card received

On Friday I received my first QSL card for the QSO365 project from JY4NE in Jordan from a QSO made on 28MHz on day #50.  Let’s hope this is the first of many. Of course this also shows off my wireless, the MFJ-434B voice keyer and microHam USB Interface III very nicely.

Review – February

February was a very enjoyable month, things have settled into a regular pattern and I’m still going strong in my quest to have a QSO per day.  I’ve had less contacts in February which I put down to me operating in less contest situations which isn’t a bad thing.  Less contacts, better quality! As I […]

QSL cards for January have been posted

I forgot to mention earlier this week that the QSL cards from January have been posted.  All 94 cards were sent to the RSGB Bureau on the 1st of February so if you’re reading this blog because you’ve worked me already, your card is in the post.

Review – January

I’m going to see if I can write a review of each month with statistics and feelings.  It may end up just being statistics without the feelings but I’ll see how I can do. If I’m totally honest, I started the project with a little trepidation.  Although some people have a lot of time to […]

QSL cards

I’m in the process of making some sticky labels for the back of my QSL cards and I’m planning on QSLing all the contacts in my QSO365 as far as is practical. I’ll fill out the cards as usual and they’ll have a sticker on with details of the project and the URL of this […]