Review – February

February was a very enjoyable month, things have settled into a regular pattern and I’m still going strong in my quest to have a QSO per day.  I’ve had less contacts in February which I put down to me operating in less contest situations which isn’t a bad thing.  Less contacts, better quality!

As I blogged about a couple of days ago, I re-discovered the delights of data communication in February and I’m finding it an absolute delight to operate the data modes.  The preferred mode for me at the moment is JT65 and I’ve already picked up two new DXCC entities using it.  The other three new DXCCs worked in February were all on 28MHz.

Here are the statistics for February and I’m going to use these monthly figures to keep a running tally of my total DXCC entities and locator squares worked.

QSOs made: 125
Running QSO count: 330
QSL cards sent: 88 (85 via bureau, 3 direct)
DXCC entities worked: 33
New DXCC entities worked: 5
Squares worked on 144MHz: 6
New squares worked on 144MHz: 3

Total DXCC worked: 66
Total squares worked on 144MHz: 82

February was almost exclusively HF operation with just one day on 144MHz when conditions were particularly good.  This will start to change over the next couple of months as 2m starts opening and as there are some contests taking place which I’m going to enter so my special short contest callsign of G4T should get some use on the air for the first time shortly.

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