Days 79, 80 and 81 – Another couple of DXCCs

Day #79 was the second day of the Russian DX contest I mentioned in my last entry and I was hoping to make it up to 100 QSOs before the end. I didn’t quite manage that as I only added another twenty to my previous total, bringing me up to ninety.

The additional QSOs were all on 15m and they were:  UA4PT, RT2M, UA4NC, RG6G, YP9W, UA3AIU, UA9UZZ, UC0A, RU9WZ, UA0SJ, US7IB, R3CW, RM4HZ, UA5A, RA3DAD, 7Z1SJ, UV5U, RW4NJ, P39P, RZ4CWW

In the middle of those I decided to see how the vertical/tuner combo worked on 24MHz so I switched over to there, tuned up and had a listen.  I soon heard BX5AA, Jimmy in Taiwan calling CQ so I replied and we had a quick QSO.  That’s a very welcome new DXCC entity for me.

After the contest was over I worked VE3WLD on 15m JT65  and then SV1CQN, Kostas on the same band using SSB.

I only had one QSO on day #80.  I got home from work, switched the wireless on and it was still sitting on 15m.  I had a tune around and heard 7X4AN, Med in Algeria so I worked him for another new DXCC.

A similar thing happened on day #81.  I put the wireless on after work and hards a very strong signal from Antonios, SV2FLQ in Greece so I called him and we had a quick QSO.  Later I struggled to complete a contact with Paul, M3JFM on 40m JT65 because the band was very noisy.  We exchanged locators, callsigns and signal reports though so that’s enough to constitute a completed QSO.

I did attempt to give away a few points in the 50MHz UKAC event on day #81 but even though I was able to persuade the 10m 5/8 vertical to tune on 50MHz, I had a good listen around the band and didn’t hear a single station.  I’m not too surprised by that because I know how difficult 6m can be.  I thoroughly expect to be able to work some decent DX later in the year when there’s Sporadic E about though.

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