Days 228, 229 and 230 – One more new DXCC and plenty of JT65

My last QSO on day #227 was a new DXCC so it was a nice surprise for my only contact on day #228 to be another new one – I worked Eduardo, CO8LY in Cuba on 17m PSK31.

I had a lot more contacts on day #229 though, I started off by talking to IV3SUS, Savino on 40m before jumping over to 20m JT65 and working YO5OHY, Zoli, DL7ACA, Christian and IZ7DMT, Vito.  After that I spoke to GS4WAB/P, Dave on Fair Isle and then MM5YLO/P, Nicky on the Shetland Isles using 40m SSB.   I was tuning around and I heard OJ0UR calling CQ but with no takers so I guess they’d either just changed frequency or just started operating.  I worked them again and the operator, Mike asked me to spot them on the cluster which I did and within a couple of minutes there was a big pileup.   Much later in the evening I put the radio back on 20m JT65 and had a few more contacts, working KD8EZS, Kevin, KB3FF, Lawrence, EK3GM, Boris, K0TPP, Larry, KG6MX, Rob, VK7XX, John and K0PT, Paul.  20m has been nicely open in the evenings recently and it’s good to get a new batch of JT65 callsigns in the log.

On day #230 I first worked IK6CWQ, Lou on 10m and then I was out for a few hours, returning home quite late to have another bash on 20m JT65.  I worked JR2FVG, Yoshi, UR4CWQ, K9OHI, Tom, RV6AGB, Victor, NA0F, Larry, W7NBH, Loren, W3BI, Rick and KJ3L, James.


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